Our Story
Soon after the Kyoto Protocol began in early 2005, Michael Coté and Ronald Collings drew upon their engineering and GHG accounting skills to form a small business dedicated to reducing emissions.
Our Strengths
We are a close-knit organization of astute, resourceful, and dedicated scientists and professionals that strive to be the best in the business.
Our Principles
Our team is committed to providing high-quality technical services and maintaining a culture of excellence when focusing on the needs of our clients.
GHG Offset Verifications
GHG Inventory Verifications
MMT CO2e Verified Carbon Credits

Founded in 2005, Ruby Canyon Environmental, Inc. (RCE) is dedicated to supporting and assuring that our clients’ environmental initiatives adhere to high standards of excellence. For over 15 years, we have championed accurate GHG emissions accounting for corporate inventories, facility-based reporting, carbon offsets and other environmental projects. RCE is well versed in all aspects of domestic and international climate policy, GHG programs, EPA regulations and both compliance and voluntary carbon offset programs. Having provided services for hundreds of clients, RCE has grown to become one of the most highly regarded GHG and environmental assurance companies in North and South America. For six straight years from 2013 – 2018, Ruby Canyon Environmental was named Best Verification Company in North America in the Environmental Finance market survey.

…For six straight years from 2013 – 2018, Ruby Canyon Engineering was named Best Verification Company in North America in the Environmental Finance market survey.

A Few Of Our Specialties

RCE verifies forestry projects in the California compliance offset program as well as voluntary programs throughout North and South America.
RCE has ICAO-approved verifiers for airline reporting verifications under CORSIA as well as accredited verifiers for the Airport Carbon Accreditation program.
Low Carbon Fuel Standard
RCE is accredited the for new California LCFS verification program and has staff with years of biogas and biofuel experience.
GHG Methodologies
RCE assists clients in the development of GHG methodologies and also provides assurance services for the adoption of new methodologies for GHG programs.

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Cleveland, Ohio
Loveland, Colorado

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